cotton candy vending machine DL899
DLight Technology

Cotton Candy Machine 899

New upgrade

4 sugar cans, which can hold 8KG sugar, can make 240 sugars, and 48 patterns are available

New appearance design

It is mainly yellow and blue, full of cartoon loveliness and vitality, and attracts young people's attention

Material use reminder function

Water, sugar and paper stick have the function of reminding and feeding on the mobile phone. When these materials reach the set value, they will be prompted to feed.

DLight Technology

Cotton Candy Machine DL503

Brushless motor

Use brushless motor, more durable, less noise, less maintenance, and longer service life

Special functions (optional)

Make your cotton candy more delicious. You can sell it at a higher price. This special function is optional, and additional cost is required.

Furnace head suspension function

When the customer does not buy candy for 5 minutes, the stove will stop running instead of running all the time, making the stove more durable.


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