Years of experience in full automatic intelligent cotton candy machine

The warranty period of our products has reached the longest in the industry. The warranty period of the whole machine is one and a half years, the warranty period of the furnace head is one and a half years (exclusive in the industry), and the warranty period of Android version and motherboard is two years. We provide after-sales service throughout our life to provide consumers with reassuring and reliable technical service support.

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Remote online service

We set up an after-sales group for each customer. If there are any problems, they can be improved at any time.

Free replacement

18 months warranty for the whole machine and 18 months warranty for the furnace head (exclusive in the industry).

After-sale service

Android version and mainboard are guaranteed for up to two years, and after-sales service is provided for life.

Marketing network

It has a sound sales system and a sound marketing network, and its products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions overseas

Personnel Training

Dlight Technology has a professional R&D team with high quality, including mechanical, software, structural and other engineers.

Technological Innovation

The company continuously improved its management mechanism and enhanced its scientific and technological innovation capability.


Export countries


Global Sales


National patents


Iterative upgrade

Fully Automatic

People on duty, automatic production, lying down to make money.

High profit

Independent pricing , this machine can earn money $1000 a day !

High purchase rate

Cotton candy bears childhood memories, High repurchase rate.

Wide audience

It is very popular with consumers, especially young people.

Widely used

Shopping mall, pedestrian street, amusement park, science centre.

Cyberspace star

The machine is easy to be punched and photographed.

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